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11 days of travel, exhausted & re-inspired!

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I’ve been traveling for work going on 11 days now…it’s exhausting to be honest, but very rewarding. As I sit in the hotel lobby catching up on some emails, I can’t help but be reminded of all the wonderful conversations and people I have met over the last 11 days. Even though I am mentally exhausted and probably only still awake because of all the caffeine I’ve had today…I am very thankful for a lot of things that I wanted to share.

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A few days in Lake Ozark…

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I had the honor of attending the Missouri SHRM conference last week and I was beyond excited for a few reasons. One, I got to hang out with some of my favorite people: Kristi Jones, Dwane Lay and new friends Lori Maher and Kevin Call. Two, I got to do my first co-presentation with Kristi […]

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Relationships Mean Everything: SHRM12 Recap

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This weekend I decided to get out of my normal writing environment and head down to a local coffee shop. It’s one of my favorites in Tulsa, because the employees are great and it overlooks Cherry Street. The owner is walking around cleaning up tables and making small talk. The barista knows every ones name that walks in the door and most likely their order. There is a strong sense of community in here, one that you don’t see very often. There isn’t any judgment on anyone that walks in; it’s a very soothing, welcoming environment.

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Passion can change…

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My life has changed paths a lot over the years. I moved from Florida to Oklahoma, which was a HUGE change. I worked for two years as a HR practitioner at a college and loved it; I loved helping candidates find the position that they were passionate about. Then my passion changed. I wanted to be more involved in the business, the strategy of how to really help HR departments be more efficient and find the best candidates. I remember how hard it was to run an HR department. How many people you have to answer to, with very little support sometimes, how many processes you have to instill to follow the law. I started to find ways to explore that new passion and how I could get involved.

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