The Disadvantages Of Watching Pornography

The question of whether viewing porn is good or bad for those who watch it is constantly coming up. Even more so now that watching porn is at all times high. Millions spend hours each day in porn sites checking out porn GIF images, videos and sex pics of all kinds. But what effects does watching adult material have on a person? Are there any long term damages or does it help you? The differences of opinions are almost as vast as the number of porn categories. As with everything else, there are always some who point to the pros while others focus on the cons.

For people in relationships, there have already been several studies done to show the negative. Especially when one of the two in the partnership hides the porn viewing from the other. Recent research has also been focusing on the long-term and short effects of porn viewing. Some say that spending too much time viewing adult material has negative social outcomes. It also can lead to undesirable acts on the part of the viewer.

Porn Viewing Is Addictive

One of the negative things about porn viewing is that it is highly addictive. Just like a drug that gives users a high, scoping out hot sex pics provides an instant rush to many. Scientist have established that our brains releases certain hormones when we use drugs. The same are released when people see porn pics, videos or sex GIFS.

Although some may not believe that porn is actually as addictive as a drug, the evidence shows otherwise. Case in point is the many stories found online in forums, blogs and other sites. These come from thousands of porn addicted viewers who share their stories. Many of them are young men and women who are now struggling to end the porn addiction.

Negative Brain Effect

Studies performed by researchers on the human brain related to porn came up with startling results. The research was done at the Maz Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin. During the study, the researchers found that certain regions of the brains were affected. They resulted in less grey matter in the brain. These were the minds of those who spent hours and years viewing porn. The parts of the brain affected were those which tend to reward our sensitivity. Participants also showed diminished responsiveness to certain porn pictures. When people have diminished grey matter on their brain, it results in fewer dopamine. It also leads to reduced receptors of dopamine.

Need For Hardcore Porn

In addition to the findings above, other studies conducted focused on the long-term effects of viewing porn. The study showed that those who spend long hours watching pornography became less sensitive to still images of erotic nature. Instead, the users needed to see porn which was more extreme or hardcore. In order for them to become aroused or to become hard, the porn had to be stronger. Some could not get an erection or have an orgasm without it.

In another research performed at the University of Cambridge, the compulsiveness and sexual behavior of porn viewers was studied. Researchers found troubling signs about how those participants responded to porn. In most cases, the individuals began to associate whatever genre of porn they watched, with their true sexual preferences. That leads to altered sexual tastes for many. The end result is those who are in relationships to be less satisfied. At the same time, they also become more detached while experiencing intimacy issues.

These findings corroborate what porn viewers admit to when it comes to how they feel when they watch porn. Many young adults say that the pornography they look at gives them different outlooks on sex. It also leads to unrealistic ideas regarding intimacy and twisted sex views. That leads to them not being able to become aroused by their real partners. They also lose interest in having sex with them since they do not match their needs.

If that wasn’t bad enough, some studies are also connecting porn viewing with erectile dysfunction (ED). There is even a name for it as it is now referred to as PIED or Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction. Several young males who spend hours a day watching porn, showed higher rates of ED than those who didn’t watch porn. It took the men who view erotic porn pics, sex images and hardcore videos more to get an erection.

Pornography is watched by all kinds of people, but mostly done by young males. The young adults report having issues interacting with females. They report feeling less comfortable engaging with women and having trouble even making eye contact. At the same time, some of them become depressed. On the other hand, those who stop watching porn say that the opposite happens after a while. They regain their confidence, are able to concentrate easier and can engage with women with fewer problems.

No matter what your opinion on viewing porn might be, there is something which all must agree on. Pornography can be very addictive and have similar drug like issues. And as such, it can lead to abuse and other negative effects. Anyone who may feel he or she is addicted to pornography, should get help right away.