5 Health Benefits Of Solo Sex

Solo sex in females is quite different from males, yet less frequent. Based on the National Health and Social Life Survey, roughly 39% of women in the United States whose age ranges from 18 to 60 masturbate previously.

Admit or not, solo sex or often referred to as masturbation is an uncomfortable topic for ladies.  But don’t underestimate the power of self-stimulation. It can provide a plethora of health benefits including;

1. It can keep you away from infections.

Experts revealed that women who enjoyed solo sex are more resistant to yeast infections. Nevertheless, you need to prevent utilizing any saliva. They discovered that saliva is the culprit since it destroys the natural balance of pH in the vagina. Likewise, masturbation is an excellent help to avoid urinary tract and cervical infections.

It can also aid in curing colds. A specific research which was published in Neuroimmunomodulation journal proved this theory. In the experiment, they asked 11 male participants to have solo sex while researchers closely monitored and recorded the blood level.  The result shows that when they reach the climax, the number of fighter cells known as leukocytes increases, which keeps the immune system strong and protected against foreign invaders.

2. Headaches no more.

Do you frequently experience throbbing pain in your head?  Masturbation may help ease the pain. It has been found that sex aids in curing headaches. Obviously, solo sex will work as they are just similar.  How is that even possible? Through orgasm, endorphins are released and get rid of the pain.

3. It gets you active.

It will definitely get your physical and sexual senses active.  It can also make your pelvic floor stronger. Once you reach your climax, the spasms generated exercise the pelvic region. It prepares you for a better performance in bed, by the way.

4. Bye, bye premenstrual pain.

Suffering from pre-menstrual symptoms such as backaches and cramps is not a laughing matter. Fret not because solo sex can take the pain away.

5. It can act as mood-booster.

Although it has not been proven to fight depression, tons of medical experts and health practitioner keep on insisting that masturbation can enhance your mood. Feeling lonely?  Here’s something to save you from the sadness – solo sex. Unsurprisingly, after reaching the peak, you’ll feel more comfortable and relax. In addition to that, you don’t need to worry whether your bed partner reached his O-land or not. It’s a win-win situation.

It also promotes sleep. Most likely, you are not aware that masturbation can improve your sleep quality.  Yes, it can! It is not weird that you feel like hitting the sack few minutes after reaching the climax. It’s because your body just discharges a slew of chemicals such as prolactin, oxytocin and vasopressin, helping you to hit the bed naturally as per Science Line. So, the next time you experience insomnia, you know what to do next.

Why not fulfill your sexual urge even your partner isn’t around? After all, it won’t do any harm to your health.

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