About Me, Cathleen Carlos

Cathleen Carlos

Hi there! I’m Cat! Florida girl, Tri Delta, lover of shopping and all things social media, living in the Midwest! I’m a human resource professional with over four years’ experience in recruiting, resume writing and interviewing techniques! You could say I stumbled upon human resources, although my parents would say they knew all along this was my career.

I attended Florida Gulf Coast University and earned my Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Marketing and like many graduates I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I thought human resources would be an invigorating field, so without hesitation I jumped into HR through part time work in the university career center. It was there that I discovered my passion of helping others find jobs that were a perfect fit for them. While in that position I helped many students fine tune their resume and interviewing skills. One thing led to the next, and soon enough the adventure in the career center led me to a local background screening company where I learned the other side of human resources, screening new hires.

After a lot of hard work and discovering more of my ideal career path I landed in Tulsa, OK at a local college to work in the human resources department! Although I was no longer in sunny Florida, my move to the Midwest resulted in being the best decision I ever made. I learned a ton and got back into writing, which is another passion of mine. In 2010 I started a blog for the college as a way to reach out to employees and potential applicants. One idea of a blog ignited several things into motion including being selected in 2011 to attend the Oklahoma State Human Resources Conference as an official blogger. Honored by this opportunity, I was inspired to never stop writing. This is when I decided to merge my two passions together; writing and helping others land their dream job. This is GetHiredbyCat.

2012 kicked off with a bang for me! I received an amazing opportunity to work with a cutting edge HR technology company called PeopleClues. I am the Client Relations Manager for the new Tulsa office! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside the brightest in the field.

So that’s me. Most of all, I am passionate about helping you. Have a question? Drop me a line and I’ll answer. Find your passion and go for it!