It’s Time To Land Your Dream Job!

As an HR professional with experience recruiting I have learned what it takes to get noticed in the corporate world as an employee and an applicant. Social media is playing such a big part in job search and the working environment. Resumes are constantly becoming more difficult to get noticed and creative outlets are on the rise to figure out how to land your dream job.

I’ve comprised a couple of options to help get you noticed and succeed in landing a great job and hopefully start your dream career!

Resume/Cover Letter Review

Most companies still require a resume to apply for a job. But how do you get that resume noticed and on the desk of the hiring manager? Are cover letters outdated? I will help you answer all of these questions and review all of these sections with you to determine you have the best job hunt strategy and resume.

Resume/cover letter review and evaluation: $25.00 | Contact me


Career Counseling

Need to be motivated, inspired, or focused on what you really want to do with your career? Have some ideas…but don’t know where to start? I will discuss options, focus, and creative solutions to help determine what your strengths are and how to start focusing on a career.

Career counseling: $35.00/hr | Contact me


Social Media Boost

Looking for jobs on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? Are you networking? These are all things that job seekers should be doing in today’s market. Do you need to update your profile to get noticed? Let me help! Networking on social media is the best way to get a job in my opinion. We’ll discuss groups you should be involved in, how to find your niche, and how to make time for it.

Social media boost: $45.00 | Contact me