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July 2, 2012

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My life has changed paths a lot over the years. I moved from Florida to Oklahoma, which was a HUGE change. I worked for two years as a HR practitioner at a college and loved it; I loved helping candidates find the position that they were passionate about. Then my passion changed. I wanted to be more involved in the business, the strategy of how to really help HR departments be more efficient and find the best candidates. I remember how hard it was to run an HR department. How many people you have to answer to, with very little support sometimes, how many processes you have to instill to follow the law. I started to find ways to explore that new passion and how I could get involved.

I found my passion by blogging. I connected with the greater HR network of social media. This is how I met the company I work with now. I think sometimes people are scared to change their path. Who said this is the path you have to be on? No one…well maybe someone did tell you that, but it was bad advice. Take your career into your own hands and do what you are passionate about.

I find myself talking to friends a lot that I went to college with, who are maybe still struggling to find their passion. We graduated in 2009 in one of the hardest economic times to find a job. So I understand needing a job, quickly. But one thing I have thought a lot about recently is, don’t pigeonhole yourself in an industry. Have a variety of skills and knowledge where you can be versatile in an industry that you might not have thought about.

Create your passion.

The thing I love about Gen Y is that we are all entrepreneurs. Whether you want to start your own business or not you still have a drive and passion for doing something different and changing the way we work. I never would have classified myself as an entrepreneur two years ago. But now I am challenged every day to think differently, creatively, taking risks, and figuring out solutions to help others. To me, that’s what being an entrepreneur is all about.

I challenge you to find what you want to do by creating it. If you have an idea or passion for something, just do it. So what if you fail. I bet you will learn more about yourself in the process then you ever will at a corporate job. Don’t settle for the norm, be a game changer and innovator.

A dear friend of mine said 2012 would be the year of risks. It’s the halfway point. What have you done that is risky?

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Danielle Zimmerman July 2, 2012 at 3:16 pm

What a wonderful article. I quit my job to start my own career! Sometimes, everyone needs a little reminder that it’s ok to take a leap a faith…You’ll never know until you try! I am so proud of all of the risks you have taken and will take in your future.


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