Shocking sexual cultures across the world

Sex has a place in all cultures from different parts of the world – from reproduction and recreation to beyond. It can be a loving or bonding experience, exciting and fun, and a formality. Each culture differs from one another, with different lifestyles and morals.

Below we’ve listed some of the sexual cultures across the world (from old times to present days) that will surely shock you;


Young girls can have sex with different men until they find their ideal man (Cambodia)

The Kreung tribe in Cambodia approves the teenage girls to have sex with different men until they find the man they think will fit into their liking. The most despicable practice has been parents or the adults creating love sheds for their young daughters.


Teenage boys practice sex with older women (Mangaia, South Pacific Ocean)

In the island of Mangaia, young boys (13-14 years old) can have sex with older women. They believe that this practice helps them fully understand the advantages of intercourse as well as how to give pleasure to their partner.


A woman can have more than one husband (Himalayas)

Maybe you’ve heard lots of men with numerous wives, but the sex practices in the Himalayas are quite unique. Part of the culture and tradition in the Himalayas is allowing a woman to have numerous husbands.


Children begin having sex at the age of 6 (Papua, New Guinea)

C66TH7 Children holding hands in field

In Papua New Guinea, the Trobianders tribe considers children having sex at 6 a normal activity. As a matter of fact, boys (10 to 12) and girls (6 to 8) are believed to be the common age for the kids to have sex.


Sex outside marriage is allowed occasionally (Indonesia)

Throughout the celebration of Pon, participants climb to a consecrated mountain on the island of Java and then practice sex with a person aside from their husband or wife. Doing this practice gives them an assumption that their wishes of good luck and fortune will come true.

Bundling (New England)

This was a former courting practice in Colonial America and northwestern Europe. The couple will stay the night together in similar bed. However, they are tightly covered in separate blankets. The couple got to know each other in an intimate and sexual manner with many different kinds of mutual gratification and stimulation.


Public masturbation (Egypt)

It’s no longer the case, however in Egypt, they strongly believed that the water flow of Nile was caused by God’s masturbation. Most men don’t hesitate to ejaculate into the famous river as a form of ritual, bringing good harvest. Not only that, men would publicly masturbate during the festival of God Min.

Early sex orientation (Marquesas Islands)

Haven’t heard about the Marquesas Islands? These are known to be Polynesian Islands that implement strange sexual mores. They don’t just support the simulation of sex between adults and children, but they introduce their children into sexual customs as soon as the reach the age of 11 or 12. The oddest part here is that, kids share rooms with their father/mother once they grow up during the time they are likely to watch how their parents make love.


Once you go beyond your country, these sex practices might surprise or interest you.

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